Melanie Nathan 

Pink Triangle Launch S.F.

 UN S.G. Ban Ki-Moon & Melanie Nathan

"Melanie, thank you for bringing your presentation to our class. You showed us a side of humanity that is scarce in our society at this time."


"Melanie, you are a rock star! God bless you, you wonderful wonderful woman!!"

-Sam L.

"You are a tremendous activist and I commend you on the work you do!"

-Shaylese M.

"So inspiring and moving:  Speaks with courage and passion."  
"Brilliant strategist."  "A true visionary."
The Struggle Continues - Equality, Human & Civil Rights 


About Melanie 


Melanie Nathan is an internationally renowned award winning activist and motivational speaker specializing in human rights, LGBTQI issues, politics, and current events.

practiced as a lawyer in Apartheid South Africa before immigrating to the United States, where she continues her human rights advocacy working to promote and protect the human and civil rights of LGBTQI individuals and communities.

She was appointed as a Marin County Human Rights Commissioner, VP on the Board of Fair Housing Advocates, and elected VP on the Board of San Francisco Pride, 2015- 2017.  She has spoken on Pride Main-stage in the U.S.A. and South Africa, as well as a keynote speaker  at events, on panels,  at conferences and schools around the world.


African Human Rights Coalition

Director:  Peacemaker Museum

Mediation : Private Courts

Blog:  O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da


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​>   Criminalization of homosexuality

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​>   All equality related topics

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Melanie has spoken at events around the world including Pride main stages, galas, conferences, colleges, schools, and corporate events inspiring activism and fueling awareness of the issues that impact local and global LGBTI communities.